Won Cases

Our firm has the largest win rate in the state - the result we are very proud of.

In our long history of helping Texan people and businesses, we’ve accumulated a 98% of positive verdicts rate, which beats any of our local competitor’s margins by double digits...

Even if we’ve tried to, it would have been an awfully long of a page to list all of the 98 hundred cases we won, helped to dismiss, drop or settle in those 27 years. These are our most recent victories, which we’ll be updating regularly with newer ones...


The most resonance case of the last decade

Result: victory


The respondent party was destroyed with crucial evidence

Result: victory


The winner took back the millions of dollars

Result: victory


One of the most challenging cases in the history of law

Result: victory


The best practice of a successfully solved identity theft case

Result: victory


We cooperate with different companies, including this world famous brand

Result: victory


Our attorney team won't ever forget this case

Result: victory


Thanks to our help, this company won a precedent court case with ease

Result: victory


The last, but not the least case, where we fought our victory back.

Result: victory